Save time editing photos. Run your Photoshop actions with just a few keystrokes.

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Do you use Photoshop actions? Have you ever thought about how much time you spend scrolling through your Actions Palette to find what you’re looking for while editing?

Stop scrolling! ActionFire lets you run your Photoshop actions with just a few keystrokes. Instead of searching and scrolling through your Actions Palette, ActionFire lets you run your Photoshop actions by name. Think of it as an ‘Action Runner.’ Hit your keyboard shortcut, type a few letters of the action name, and hit Enter… your action is run!


It’s amazing how much time you can save by running your Photoshop actions by name.


ActionFire Dialog


Key Benefits of ActionFire

  • Speed up your workflow – save time editing!
  • Stop scrolling through your Actions Palette! Run your actions with a few keystrokes.
  • Get the biggest bang from the actions you already own
  • Bonus – create multiple looks on an image very quickly


ActionFire Basics

  • ActionFire is a simple Photoshop script, it can be run with the keyboard shortcut you specify
  • The ActionFire dialog is populated with all the Photoshop actions you already have loaded in your Actions Palette (**Please Note – ActionFire does NOT come with actions**)
  • Simply search for your action by name, and hit Enter to run!  No more time wasted scrolling through your Actions Palette!


Other Features

  • Search by any part of the action name OR the action set name – this is helpful when you know the creator of the action you are looking for but not the action name
  • The ActionFire dialog closes as soon as your action is run, leaving your workspace uncluttered so you can continue editing!


System Requirements

  • Runs on PC or Mac
  • Requires Photoshop CS5 or higher, including CC


Want to see ActionFire in action? Watch the video below to see it being used during a photo edit!


For FAQs and Tips on using ActionFire, please visit the ActionFire Tips and FAQs page.

* Please note – there is a known Adobe issue that can occur when running scripts/plugins when using CS5 in 32-bit mode. This issue can be remedied by removing your preferences file (you only have to do this once). Please see the FAQ page for more info on this.

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