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“Simply stated… I am in love with ActionFire. One quick tap of a key and I can instantly play my actions. No more scrolling through a long list in the actions palette, painstakingly searching for the action I need. Using ActionFire has become second nature for me, and my editing time has been slashed. There’s no easier, more reliable action playing tool. It’s on the top of my must-have list for photographers.”

-Michelle Kane of Michelle Kane Photography


“I LOVE ActionFire!  It has been–hands down–the best investment I have made in speeding up my workflow.  I cringe thinking back on all the time it used to take me to search for actions!  If you spend any amount of time editing, and you value your time, this is a necessary investment.  You really can’t afford NOT to get it!”

– Amy Hanselmann of Amy Hanselmann Photography


“If you are looking for a product to speed up your workflow, you are in the right spot.  I purchased ActionFire in hopes it would speed up my processing time and help me gain creative processing quicker, it does just that.  I first watched the instructional video and set it to my quick keys so I just push one button to bring it to life, type in a few characters and the action I was looking for pops right up.   It’s amazing, I don’t know how I could work without it.   For the price, it is the best tool I have purchased this year by far.”

– Tina Stinson of Itty Bitty Portraits


” ‘How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.’  I can’t begin to express how much I love, Love, LOVE the ActionFire plugin!!!!  After discovering this little gem several years ago, my editing life was changed forever.  I have always thought that I might be described as an action “hoarder”. (The first step is admitting that you have a problem. ;) )    For those of you that can relate to this at all, you KNOW how much time is wasted scrolling up and down your actions palette while editing.  ACTIONFIRE is a game changer!!  You just pull up a search box (with a personally designated short cut) and type in the name, or even just a key word, and it finds the action.  You then just hit “return” or click the run button, and you are done!  Thank you, Angie, for this AMAZING program!!!”

– From a crazy busy solopreneur at Niki Hunt Photography


“I love ActionFire and not having to search and search for my favorite actions.  A must have for sure.”

– Leanna of Leanna’s Reflections


“I have been really impressed with ActionFire. Before I bought it, I was stuck scrolling through my long list of actions. I always know which action I am looking for but sometimes I forget which group it is in since I own several different sets from a number of photographers. ActionFire has allowed me to really decrease my processing time with my images. In addition, it has made it more fun to play and see what different types of actions look like together because it doesn’t take nearly as long to try things out. I could not be happier with this product. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it earlier!”

-Yvonne Min of Yvonne Min Photography


“I use actions for about 95% of my editing.  I use actions from many different makers, and my actions panel is HUGE! I have tons of shortcut keys set for specific actions I use a lot and many others for tools & functions, filters etc.  But the one thing that slowed down my workflow was scrolling through my actions panel.  I knew how much time I was wasting.  I shoot events and daily life, so that means I take & edit a lot of photos from each shoot!  A normal person session of 30-50 is about 75-100 for me.  Add an event and I’m at hundreds.  So I need to be able to edit fast.  I saw Michelle Kane post about ActionFire, & I was interested right away. I watched her video, went to the site and checked it out.  I bought it that very second and I have never regretted it!  I cannot put into words how much I LOVE ActionFire and truly how much time it saves me.  I know my actions panel well, so it’s so easy for me to type the name of the action I want and get it to run QUICKLY!  I can honestly say that this is THE BEST PS purchase I’ve made in three years…NO JOKE!!!  I edited 125 event pictures today while cleaning my house, picking up my kids from school, homework, dinner, dishes, baths and bedtime stories.  If I didn’t have ActionFire, I may have gotten half that done.  And what a relief to not have to scroll up and down several times in one edit!  So THANK YOU SO much for creating the best PS product out there for us actions users.  You’ve saved me time, wrist pain and the headache of watching my actions panel scroll up & down! :) This product is for anyone who uses a lot of actions. You won’t regret it and you’ll truly wish you had it sooner and wonder how you EVER lived without it!  And I do not know Angie nor do I have any affiliation with Polished Picture or ActionFire. It’s just that it’s helped me that much and I know it will help you.  Best $50 I’ve spent!”

-Crystal Ziegenfuss (momaziggy) of The Ziggy Life and Photoshop for FUN


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