Polished Picture’s New Look!

No, you haven’t arrived at a different blog… I gave the blog a new look!  Do you like it?  I’m hoping it looks a bit more polished and cohesive.  This is part of the reason for the lack of posts lately – I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on getting this all together!


Now, I’ll be the very first to admit that I am NOT, I repeat NOT, a graphic designer.  So I just put my best attempt out there for the redesign.  In my previous life (a.k.a. before kids!) I was a programmer/web developer.  I worked on all the backend stuff, not the graphical side of things, so ‘designing’ and implementing the design is definitely not my forte.  Smile  But here is my attempt!


I tested the new layout on several different browsers, but it’s pretty impossible (for me at least!) to test on everything.  So I need a favor – could you please let me know if something is appearing funny on your end with the blog?  Like if words or images are being cut off or are wrapping funny?  That would help me so much!  Oh, and if you like it, you can tell me that, too.  Winking smile


We will be back to your regular scheduled program, ahem, I mean blog posts, soon!  Thanks for your patience and your help!

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2 Responses to Polished Picture’s New Look!

  1. Nicole Voth says:

    Love the new look – very cute!

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