Photoshop Before and After: Transforming the Weather in a Portrait

I live in an area of the country that is gloomy several months out of the year, and it really stinks for outdoor portraits!  I wanted to show you what a little time spent in Photoshop editing can do to transform the weather in your portraits!


Here is my before image – such a cute little expression!  However, you can see the dull surroundings I was working with:


Here is a list of things I did to edit this photo:

  • Brightened the skin with Curves by pulling the midtones up and anchoring the shadows a bit
  • Used the Patch tool to soften the undereye shadows
  • Brightened and sharpened the eyes
  • Ran Portraiture on its own layer at a low opacity (around 20%)
  • Used Curves to add some color to the field – I selected the Red channel and pulled the Red curve upward, adding red to the image.  Then I put that layer on Multiply blending mode.  I used a soft brush and masked the red off the girl and some of the chair.
  • For the sky – I had an image of the sky I had taken previously (on a nice day!)  I pasted it on top of my image and used masking so it only appeared over the overcast sky.  I also blurred it using the Gaussian Blur filter so it wasn’t in focus.
  • Added a little light on the right side by creating a white solid color layer, setting it to Screen blending mode, and using the Gradient tool on the mask so the ‘light’ was only coming from one side
  • Sharpened


Here is the ‘After’:

There.  We added a little color to the dreary surroundings.  :)

Do you have any good tips on shooting in gloomy weather?  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. awesome work!
    very helpful!
    very nice of you share info!
    I am a hobbist and most like people in my photos.

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