Color Opposites in Photoshop

When working in Photoshop, it is helpful to understand color opposites.  Knowing these will help you to better utilize many of the adjustment layers in Photoshop.

The opposites are:

  • Cyan and Red
  • Magenta and Green
  • Yellow and Blue

The Adjustments Panel for the Color Balance layer shows it best…


So, for instance, if you want to reduce green in an image, then add magenta.  If you want to add yellow, then reduce blue, and so forth.

I will build upon and refer back to this concept in future tutorials.  Thank you for stopping by!!

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4 Responses to Color Opposites in Photoshop

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  2. Jose E Martinez says:

    I would appreciate you including the Mac version of the PC’s “alt” in your discussions. In fact, please just consider that there are a lot of Mac aficionados out here. I have switched to iOS from Windows. I got tired of Windows issues that disrupted my work process.

  3. Aleena says:

    Nice editing

  4. Aleena says:

    So sweet and nice editing

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