Add Depth to Your Photos with a Vignette {Plus a FREE Action!}

In this tutorial, I am going to show you a really quick and easy way to add some depth to your photos with a vignette.  (And there is a FREE action at the end of this tutorial which uses this method!)  Here is the before and after:

before and after

With your file open in Photoshop, add a Curves adjustment layer.  Put the layer in the Multiply blending mode.

multiply mode

Now your entire image is dark and probably looks something like this…

after multiply

Eek!  All we need to do is add a layer mask to the Multiply layer and paint with a 100% soft black brush over the the subjects in the center of the photo.  Where I’ve masked is shown in red below…


We’ll leave the dark vignette effect on the edges of the photo.  Ta-da!  Our photo looks like this after the vignette:


You can tone down the opacity of the layer if necessary or apply the effect again for a more intense look.  Super easy!

Here is a link to my Multiply Vignette action that uses these steps.  Enjoy!!

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2 Responses to Add Depth to Your Photos with a Vignette {Plus a FREE Action!}

  1. Nancy says:

    I LOVE all your free actions AND step-by-step tutorials! I use the “Sparkling Eyes”and “Creamy Light” the most for all the portraiture I have been doing lately. I particularly appreciate how professional and “non-invasive” these are (organized so nicely that it does not alter your original file background). Thank you, for providing such easy-to-use tools and tips!

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