Photoshop Head Swap Video Tutorial

before and after

To a photographer, fall means lots of family photo sessions!  I think one of the toughest things about group photos is getting everyone looking their best all at once!  In my experience, this rarely happens.  Or maybe I’m just not great at capturing it.  ;)  Regardless, doing head swaps in Photoshop is something I am extremely familiar with, just out of necessity!

I do have a written tutorial on head swaps on my post “Photo Surgery – Head Swapping and Body Moving.”  But for those of you that would rather see a video, here ya go!  Hope it is helpful!

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5 Responses to Photoshop Head Swap Video Tutorial

  1. Kristen says:

    Thank you so much for theses tutorials! I just found your site recently and it has helped me out so much!!!

  2. wow! how easy and interesting video tutorial for Photoshop Head Swap.It’s very helpful for a Photoshop designer and I am very happy to see this video because me also a Photoshop designer it also very very helpful for me.thank you.

  3. Another fantastic tutorial – keep it up guys :)

  4. Awesome tutorial !!! This is very easy to understand. It’s very helpful or me because i am a professional photo editor.Thanks for sharing.

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