Using the Patch Tool to Soften Undereye Circles

The Patch tool in Photoshop is very powerful.  In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use it to soften or remove undereye circles.  I also recorded a video tutorial at the end if you’re interested in watching!

Here is where we are beginning – we were in an alley and the lighting was not ideal, so he has some pretty dark shadows under his eyes.

patch tool before


We will be working on a duplicate layer, so first duplicate the layer (Ctrl/Cmd + J)

Choose the Patch tool from the toolbox.  You can also hit the ‘J’ key on your keyboard and then hit Shift + J to scroll through those tools until the Patch tool is selected.

patch tool location


Draw a selection around one of the areas you want to patch, in this case one of the undereye circles.

select undereye circle


Now drag this selection to an area with the texture you want to match – in this case, an area of smooth skin.  Usually the cheeks or forehead work as areas to drag your selection to.

drag to smooth skin


Repeat the process with the other under eye circle.  But now your subject may look a little scary!  No under eye circles AT ALL!  Yikes.

no undereye circles


All we need to do is turn down the opacity of the layer we were working on.  In this case, I’ve turned it down to about 48%. 

turn down opacity


This gives a much more natural result than no circles at all!

final patch tool


Here is the Before and After:

before and after


For those of you who would like to watch the video tutorial, here you go!

Happy Patching!!

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